Cathedral Bulletin for May 26, 2002
Trinity Sunday


Masses and Liturgies for the Week

Monday St. Augustine of Canterbury

9:00 am Memorial Day Mass (Cathedral)
Bishop Michael Pfeifer presiding


8:30 am NO Mass or Communion Service


8:30 am Communion Service


8:30 am Communion Service

Friday The Visitation of the Virgin Mary to Elizabeth

8:30 am Communion Service

3:00 pm Communion Service at Baptist Memorials


Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ


4:00 pm Confessions

5:00 pm +Jerry Mazur – Gerald & Judith Toole


10:00 am +Al Dodson – Dodson Family

11:45 am Sacred Heart of Jesus – Atanacio Vasquez

6:00 pm For the People – Father Maurice Voity

Father Voity on Vacation

Father Voity will be on vacation from Tuesday, May 28, to Friday, June 7.

This Week in the Cathedral Parish

Tuesday, May 28

9:00 am Mother’s Day Out (Annex)

Wednesday, May 29

6:30 pm Youth Bible Study (Youth Center)

Thursday, May 30

9:00 am Mother’s Day Out (Annex)

6:30 pm Spanish Choir practice (Cathedral)

Sunday, June 2

10:00 am Sunday Nursery (Annex)

11:45 am Sunday Nursery (Annex)

Memorial Day Mass

Bishop Pfeifer will offer the annual Memorial Day Mass on Monday, May 27, at 9:00 a.m. in the Cathedral Church.

The Memorial Day Mass remembers the countless women and men who have generously given their lives in service to God, country and the cause of peace.

Bishop Pfeifer says that this Memorial Day takes on new meaning when we recall the terrible tragedy of terrorism that struck us on September 11, 2001. We think of the thousands of our sisters and brothers who lost their lives because of the hatred of a few. This Memorial Day, we will also lift up their memory.

Venture Crew Bake Sale Next Sunday

The Venture Crew (High School Scouts) will have a Bake Sale after each Mass next weekend. Proceeds from the sale benefit the group’s activities for the summer months, especially their weeklong camping trip. Please support our Scouts at this Bake Sale.

Congratulations to Our
High School Graduates!

Congratulations and Best Wishes to our Cathedral Parish youngsters who graduated from High School this week. Among them are: Amy Young, Rachel Guenat, Phillip Mertz, Mandy Guest, Brandi Martinez, Alexis Noriega, Marisol Rodriguez, Stephanie Torres, Scant Ynostrosa, Simon San Miguel, Matthew Rottman, Elizabeth Blackwood, and Travis Miles.

From the Rector ...

Many thanks to all contributed their time, work and talent for our annual Spring Festival. There are so many people that I hesitate to publish names in the event that someone might be overlooked.

We will be publishing a report of the Festival as soon as we have the final figures available to us.

As you know, this was our third Spring Festival. Prior to that, for many, many years, we held a Fall Festival in late October. The response to a Spring Festival has not proven to be as well accepted as when our Festival was in the Fall. I will be meeting with our faithful festival workers of many years, the Parish Council and the Finance Council in the near future. We will be discussing whether to continue with the Spring Festival, or to hold our major fund-raiser at another time. If you have any comments, please let me know.

Once again, thanks and blessings to all who worked so hard on the Spring Festival!

Father Maury Voity


First Prize: 55-inch TV and DVD

Second Prize: Home Theater System

Third Prize: SONY Playstation II


Angelo Catholic School

Registration for the 2002-2003 school year is ongoing. ACS offers grades PreK-3 through sixth grades. Some of the classes are already full and waiting lists are forming. All are welcome to visit the school during the day. Come and decide if a Catholic, Christian atmosphere is one that you would choose for your child.

Youth Ministry


Bible Study will be held at 6:30 p.m. this Wednesday in the Youth Center. Invite a friend to join you. Bring money for pizza.


All youth in grades 7-12 are invited to join us for a city-wide campout at the South Llano River State Park in Junction on Friday, July 12, to Sunday, July 14. We will camp out, cook barbecue and tube down the river. Parental permission slips are required and are available in the parish office. Call or e-mail Steve for more information.


The Vatican Exhibit will be on display in Lubbock. Free tickets for 2:00 p.m. Thursday, July 18, are available. Any families interested in attending should contact Steve as soon as possible. There are only 29 tickets left.


The youth of the parish have begun accepting donations for their annual garage sale set for Saturday, July 27. All proceeds from the sale will help youth attend the Region X Catholic Youth Conference in November. Any youth interested in attending the conference should contact Steve as soon as possible.

To inquire about any of the Junior/Senior High Religious Education activities or to assist in youth ministry, call Steve Zimmerman at 658-6567 or 944-9756 or e-mail at stzimmy @


Parish Membership

We at the Cathedral welcome all who come to worship with us. However, simply attending Mass at the Cathedral on Sundays does not constitute parish membership. Families must actually register in the parish to be considered parishioners. Please be sure that your family is registered if you consider yourselves members of the parish. This is very important for sacramental and other purposes! Call the Parish Office at 658-6567.

Father Maury Voity

May 25, 2002

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